New accessory idea for Ring Alarm: Hardware module to control hardwired siren

My recently installed Ring Alarm system replaces an old ADT system. When I disconnected my old system, I left the hardwired interior siren mounted and its concealed wiring to the old alarm panel the basement intact. As other people have noticed, the siren on the Ring Base Station & Keypad aren’t really that loud compared to a hardwired siren. I know there’s a wireless Dome siren accessory available which works with the Ring Alarm. But it would be great to be able to reuse my old hardwired siren with my Ring Alarm - I’m sure I’m not the only Ring owner who upgraded from an old alarm system and wants to do this.

so… New accessory idea:

an optional accessory module for the Ring Alarm to drive one or more standard piezoelectric alarm sirens.

I imagine this could be done with a small AC-powered module, i.e. perhaps all the logic plus a small backup battery contained in an AC “wall-wart” sized package, with screw terminals to attach a standard hardwired piezoelectric siren (or two). Wireless connection to the Ring Alarm Base Station. If an alarm is triggered, the module would activate the hardwired siren. Backup battery would ensure the siren still sounds if AC power is out.


This should be part of the new hardwired-interface module.

Unfortunately, the Ring Alarm system can only currently activate the sirens on the Alarm Base Station, and Keypads, and the indoor non-weather-resistant Dome Siren. :frowning:

But you aren’t alone in wanting an external siren! Many others want an outdoor weather-resistant siren, or some ability to connect an exterior siren, or some way to have a siren sound outdoors . The more “Thumbs Up” Kudo votes they see there will better get their attention, increasing the chances of getting siren sounds outdoors. You should click the related links below and add your Kudo vote, if you like the requesting author’s idea (add your “Thumbs Up” Kudo vote on the left side of the author’s starting post), to help get the attention of the Ring Teams.

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