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new user here, just recieved a notification about an upcoming software update requing a re set up of network. Is it a scam or genuine?

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Hi @user58362. This is not a scam; this is an email we are sending out. You are safe to follow the steps mentioned in the email to update your Ring device.

Justin_Ring -

Can you provide granular details about the email mentioned by community member user58362? For example:

  • What is the reason for the update?
  • Is it an app update or a firmware update?
  • What steps is the user expected to follow?
  • Why is a user required to take any steps?
  • What changes will occur as a result of the update?
  • Is it likely that some devices will no longer function properly after the update?
  • Is it likely that any devices will become “bricked” as a result of the update?
  • Will the update lower the privacy and/or security of users in any way?
  • Will the update enhance/facilitate features that some users strongly object to, such as Sidewalk?
  • Will users be able to easily revert to an earlier version if anything goes wrong?
  • Does the update affect all users?

I’m very concerned because Ring has a history of introducing design flaws and programming bugs – then failing to fix them for long periods of time (if ever). These problems have cost users countless wasted hours and often placed the security of people and property at risk.

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