Neighbors "Community Guidelines" need an update

Ive been trying to post about theives and suspicious activity in my complex for days. Ive been arguing with the team because they claim it doesnt follow guidelines EVEN THOUGH IT DOES. Im sitting here just thinking now they’re bias and dont care about saftey. Everything in my post (and my moms but they pulled hers too) was under the Trespassing category. Late at night, checking cars and messing with junk in my husbands truck bed. Slealind things from other residents and checking for open doors and gates. How is that against guidelines?? Someone explain since the neighborhood team just send me the same dumb copy and paste bot emails. HERES THE GUIDELINE I FREAKING FOLLOWED

Trespassing can include a lot of different behaviors. However on Neighbors, one of the following 2 attributes must be present in posts about trespassing:
Individual(s) are on an unusual location of the property
Unusual location means: any deviation from the path between where someone accesses a property and the front door or other place where guests are typically received.
E.g. A person who walks across the lawn from the street in front of the house toward the front door is not in an unusual location.
E.g. A person who walks from a front gate, leaves the walkway to a front door, and goes to the side of a house with no door is in an unusual location.
Individual(s) are on the property late at night or early in morning, meaning between 10pm-7am

Pretty much any behavior that you identify yourself as being a crime or that the people are criminals aren’t allowed anymore. Too much liability accusing someone of a crime when they haven’t been convicted in a court of law. Just because we see it in a video doesn’t automatically make them guilty, they have to be taken to court for that.
That’s not to say you can’t provide the video to law enforcement, but you just can’t post it to Neighbors anymore.
That’s unfortunately how it is.