Neighbors app

I just caught someone on a motorcycle stopping by my mailbox, opening it then doing the same thing to everyone elses mailbox on the road.

No! It was not the mailman.

I tried 4 diffrent ways to report it and each one was denied. They say you can rey to their e mail to dispute the denial. But, when I did, it came back with an error undeliverable.

So what exactly is the point of the neighbors app if you cant report things you’ve seen with your own eyes or make contact to dispute them dening a post.

Hi @Neighbor-22. You can find the Neighbors Guidelines in our Help Center article here. I’d recommend reviewing those guidelines to ensure that what you are posting falls within them. Anything that is not in compliance with the guidelines will be be denied. Try replying to the email you received regarding your post again, as you should be able to reply if you have any questions regarding why your post was removed. If that still doesn’t work, please share a screenshot of what message you’re getting so I can have my team take a look.