Neighbor posts removed ?

I posted about hearing a woman scream & then seeing what appeared to be a fight gathering in the street. I put it under Unexpected Activity. I mentioned I called the police. Nothing detailed. And it was removed TWICE. What’s the point of this if you aren’t going to let us share information?!

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Hey @pghkatrina. I’m sorry to hear that your post was removed. Whenever your post is removed in the Neighbor’s app, you will receive an email about the removal. You can reply to their email to get more information on why the post was removed. You can also review the Guidelines for the Neighbor’s app here.

They didn’t give a reason is my biggest complaint. If there was an explanation as to why I wouldn’t be frustrated. As it was, I posted the same thing a second time and it looked like the bad deleted it again, but they switched it to a different label. Again with no explanation. This is something that needs clarification & details for users.

The post was about a fight in the neighborhood. Not anything that would violate the protocol so this isn’t helpful. The details here are minimal at best and the fact that there is no reason given for why a post is taken down is poor. Even Twitter (which is highly scrutinized) gives a reason for suspending accounts or removing tweets… just saying


@pghkatrina My apologises that the reasoning for this was not given nor clear. I appreciate this feedback, and will make sure this is passed onto the appropriate teams. I do recommend replying to the email notification you should’ve received, if you did get one, and request a reason, and they should be able to detail that more for you. Thank you for the follow up, neighbor! :slight_smile:

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This just happened AGAIN! 3 AM and a driver speeding up my street hit a parked car. Plowed into it up the block from me. Half the neighborhood came outside after hearing the crash. I called the police and then thought I’d post to Neighbors but NO ? You removed the post THREE TIMES!

People in my area have submitted one line posts like “sounds like gun shots” (which is likely people putting off fireworks in our area) and you let it stay up, but a post about a CAR ACCIDENT that has been reported to the POLICE and they are coming you remove?!

Beginning to think the Neighbors app is useless. I’m never able to submit a post about activity without you pulling it down. The information about what is acceptable is very generic. But what I submit doesn’t include any personal information why isn’t it worth telling the neighbors about a car accident?

In order to possibly explain why, you’d need to post a copy of your post. Otherwise, there’s no way to know why it’s been removed…

I’m sorry I find that ironic considering they deleted it 3 times… you’d understand my suspicion that posting it here would only be deleted too. ?

I simply posted:

Title: Car accident - Boggs & Greenbush

Car accident outside of laundromat at Greenbush. Car speeding up hill hit a parked car. Called police, they’re on the way.

Thats it. The intersection and a landmark that people familiar with area will have an idea where it happened. No plates, no photos. Just alerting people that there was an accident and they may want to avoid the area. Yet it gets pulled AGAIN… so pardon me if I begin to question ? this app

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I don’t see how that violated any guidelines that I’ve read about. They really need to explain why it was removed. Without knowing why, how can you learn to adjust the post or fight it’s removal. I’ve had the neighbor app for quite some time now. But I don’t see many posts in my area. Most are people on property or trying to get into cars. I never see anything about car accidents. But I do know this. The comments on these posts are extremely impolite at times. It’s a good idea but it really needs a ton of work. I wish they had their own support forum. Maybe then things would get straighten out.
Once again, I see nothing wrong about your post. But I’m not the one pulling yours down. I understand your anger about it as well. Hopefully they will explain why and you can post their reply here so I can understand why too.

Same issue with me… the other night I had two unknown people scoping out my property. I’ve had packages go missing and the police ask for my ring videos. Yet, Ring feels my video isn’t worth their time and they delete it from the neighborhood.

If not for the fact that the actual devices work in alerting me to suspicious activity I’d dump them. Guessing someone sued them for having their face on camera. Heaven forbid we should condemn criminals.

This just happened AGAIN and no reason given AGAIN! :angry: There has been an ongoing issue with cars being broken into and packages being stolen in my neighborhood so I thought to share our city councilwoman’s contact info.

I said NOTHING political. I simply stated that if people who have an incident reported it to her it would show a pattern. We then could ask for police patrols or more street lights to deter this activity, make the neighborhood safe. But the post was deleted from my pending posts and no reason given.

I’m finding that posting to this app is difficult and aggravating. Why can’t we share something that would be valuable info the neighborhood?

Hi @pghkatrina. The Community is a public forum, so I did edit your post to remove some of the contact information you had provided. This information may be best if posted in other apps such as NextDoor or other local social media platforms where your can share this information with your close friends and family or your neighborhood.

Of course, you’re welcome to follow up with the Neighbors App team directly, as we here at the Community won’t have any information on why your post was removed. You can send an email to and provide:

  1. The email address associated with your Neighbors app account.
  2. The reason for the inquiry.
  3. Any additional information that may help facilitate the resolution of the inquiry (e.g. screenshots of the posts or comments in question).

Reaching out to the Neighbors App team via that email directly is the best way to learn why your post was removed and to receive additional clarification on what type of information you can share on the Neighbors App.

My posts are removed every time I post anything first it was posted and then

I just received this email
It Looks Like Your Post Didn’t Make It to Neighbors
Thanks for sharing your post "Suspicious Activity

I have received suspicious person ringing my ring and you are right why did I purchase this product if I can’t use it to help myself and others. I canceled my yearly subscription bc it is useless to me.

Last month I had the same thing happen to me. 10:40 PM at night some guy ran up across our lawn up to our front door and started pounding on it and saying something like “open up…!” I posted the video under “unexpected activity” and received an email that is basically like a form letter saying the same thing that your email said. My video was “Not quite right“ for that particular category so I asked them what category it should be under…long story short they weren’t going to post it. They said “this type of incident was no longer allowed on the app.” Just yesterday somebody posted a man walking up to her front door and was trying to look inside her house… Stood there for about 30 seconds and walked away… Broad daylight. I’m baffled as to why that “incident” was considered appropriate but my video of somebody running up to our door at 10:40 PM & pounding on it is not appropriate. They need to be more specific as to what they think is appropriate. That was a pretty scary incident. What’s the point of having Ring if you can’t post such activity. Frankly I think my video was Just as frightening as the one posted by my fellow neighbor, It appears that whoever deems what’s appropriate and not appropriate is not consistent.

Once you’ve had posts removed, you aren’t gonna get back on the app - your posts will just get deleted as quickly as you make them. I am in the process of turning off all of my Ring features in regards to Neighborhoods as they are useless if I cannot make use of the community. I don’t need to hear about ‘GUnShoTs!1!?’ twenty times a day, sorry Ring - you killed it for me.