Neighbor posts being removed

I caught a person stealing a catalytic converter from a truck. I chased him off and shared a photo of the person riding off on a bicycle. I shared the facts and it kept being removed as inflamatory. The first time I descibed the guy as a white dude in a beanie. Which they said was prof*ling. (Which I cant even say cause they say it is a bad word.) Then they said I was speaking rude or inflamatory when I all I said was he was under the car and then left on a bicycle. I am unsure how the app and the system is helpful if we cannot post anything to help our neighbors.

Sadly in today’s world you are not allowed to describe the person. So all you can do is say someone took my stuff. When a description would of course be better. Ring is just protecting itself from lawsuits. Today everyone gets upset at everything. They sue everyone for the most insane stuff and win. The criminal has more rights then the victims. Try typing G*d on here and it’s blocked. Welcome to can’t say anything world. Sorry it’s happening to you too.