Need to be able to turn off blue ring light on Ring doorbell

I live in a high-traffic tourist area with houses directly on the street. The blue light around the doorbell attracts unwanted attention, especially late at night. Drunk folks love to ring the bell. I don’t want to snooze the doorbell in case of an emergency,but it would be great if we simply had the option to not illuminate the blue LED. Have been asking for this simple feature since first-generation in 2017.

I’m confused with this feature because one of my elite doorbells has the light ring on while the other one is off. I can’t find anything in my settings to explain why.

The light is turned on when motion is detected. Unfortunately, there’s no way to turn it off. You could try to put something over the lights to block them from passerby’s view.


Can I request a option to disable to the consistent solid white light on the ring doorbell wired please. It draws far too much attention to the doorbell and I’d like the option to disable this please.

Many thanks.

The option to control the brightness would be great.

My neighbours have the battery versions and the glowing ring is very subtle and tasteful.
Was disappointed that the wired version I purchased is extremely bright - so much so it doesn’t even look like a ring it looks like a faceted polygon with bright leds.

In any case an option to reduce intensity or turn off would be great.