Need to be able to change WIFI network online, not push reset buttons on each Camera

We live in an area where out electricity is turned off regularily by PG&E due to their own doing. (The destroyed 9000 homes in our town of Paradise, Ca, due to this issue) They seem to shut it down at night most times. The internet provider Comcast does not have backup generators, so we loose internet access, thus no security cams. We then switch over to backup generators we all had to buy and use our phones as hotspots for WIFI. To change all my Ring camera’s to hotspot, you have to go outside, in my case get on a ladder, press the reset buttons, come back in, continue the process, repeat… How about when it is raining or snowing, think users want to go outside and press reset buttons? Why can’t Ring make it where the user is able to change the WIFI network online without having to reset each Ring product manually? There should be a setting to change your Ring camera’s WIFI network just like you do on your computers without pressing the reset buttons on each camera.


I have 4 floodlight cams which are about 10 high above the ground. I always want to change it the stronger wifi but it needs to push the button at top. I don’t have the space to keep a ladder so I will need to borrow one from our friends to do it.

It will help greatly if it allows changing Wifi network without pushing the top button.