Need to access stored videoes

I went away this weekend and got a notification this afternoon that there had been motion detected in our property that very morning. I immediately renewed my protection plan so that I could see the videos. However, because I had not subscribed earlier in the day I cannot access any of the videos. Please advise how I can get access to the videos as not knowing if someone has been in my home is causing considerable anxiety.

I think Ring has awful customer service. I’ve tried to call twice but been put on hold for an indefinite amount of time that I gave up both times. Attempting to get help in the community has also been futile as I have had no responses. This is awful customer service. I’m going to cancel my plan if this continues.

If you didn’t have the subscription paid for at the time that the videos were recorded then it is unlikely you’ll be able to access them.

However, we (fellow users) don’t have access to your account info. So yes, you’ll have to call Ring Support, and yes, wait times can be 45 minutes+.