Need more options / integration for locks

The options available for setting up locks in Ring is lacking. The following enhancements would be great to have:

  • Ability to set LOCK-ONLY codes for the locks. I do not like the idea of my lock and security alarms sharing the same codes, I also don’t need my alarm changing modes when I unlock my door. I manually set codes in my locks now so that the code I use to unlock the door is not the same code needed to disarm my system. I know some people love that feature, and it should stay, but I’d like to have more options when not using that function.

  • The lock being unlocked WITHOUT an alarm code (i.e. a LOCK ONLY code) should trigger the entry delay for the alarm, same as if the door was opened.

  • The alarm should check for unlocked doors when arming the system. Right now I can have all my doors unlocked and arm the system to leave the house. Ring knows my doors are unlocked, this should be a bypass request like any other monitored sensor that is out of position. There could also be an option that when the alarm is armed all the locks that are unlocked will lock themselves automatically.

  • Before pairing to ring I had my locks on another zWave hub and I had some schedules setup, for example I liked being able to tell all of my locks to lock at 10pm and in the morning M-F after everyone should be out of the house… Adding a scheduler would be beneficial.


+1 agree!

Also agree.

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