Need IP range for split tunneling on VPN for Ring App


I know Ring has a policy to exclude VPN traffic from accessing their websites and from using the Ring App.
But does anybody know which destinations I can use to set up Split Tunneling on my VPN Router?
I do not use the VPN App so excluding the app will not work, I need the IP addresses (range).

I want all my normal Internet traffic to continue using the VPN tunnel, but want to exclude the IP addresses (range?) the Ring App needs, to be able to view my Ring Video Doorbell 3.

I already excluded several IP addresses I gathered using DNS lookup of but apparently those are not enough.

If I disable my VPN tunnel, all works okay, so there is no issue with the doorbell or with the App. It just is, that the App cannot connect to where-ever it needs to connect to.

Does anybody know or can anybody help?