Need firmware change to give us an option to embed date-time watermark into video

Is there any change of getting a firmware mod to turn on date-time watermark in VIDEO?

For both practical and legal considerations it is higholy desirable to have a minor firmware mod for the peephole video cams (and other models) that will give us the user option to enable an embedded date-time watermark directly into the imagery data (at a location we desire - e.g. top, bottom , left, right etc.)? For legal reasons the police etc. need proof of date-time in the downloaded and saved video so that they know its not edited and shows actual time clock. It’s also just practical for us subscribers to see the date/time DIRECTLY in the imagery wihout having to run the app and computing in from the base date in the app + the time offset counter.

Really really would be useful and super easy to do. Please do it for us. I don’t want to have to turn over my app to anyone in order for them to derive the imagery date-time stamps from app info. I want to be able to copy it out to a file and have it all contained as part of the imagery.

Just found out that I can do an ackward 2-step process to share a link to myself in email then save video from ring site as mp3 and the date-time is overlayed at lower right. Would be nice to have all video this way online and in the app data to see daate-time clocking frame by frame. It’s hard to correlate events to time with time tagging like “1 hr 20 mins ago” etc. in the summary screen.

Thanks - and great product by the way.


Embedding the timestamp into the video from the start will obscure part of the camera’s view. Police can issue a subpoena to Ring directly for proof of the timestamp; users don’t have the ability to alter timestamps in the video metadata stored on Ring’s servers.

Can I disable the watermark in my saved videos? I’ve bought four devices and I have the higher tier service account. Seems like this should enable me use the video for other uses that don’t require me to give you additional free marketing, or compromise my video frame to cut it out manually. Similar to not having ads on YouTube if you pay for the higher tier service, you should be able to disable the watermark.