Need a Stick Up Cam (or new camera model) with true auto-switching dual-power

New Ring user here. I was just informed that if a battery is installed in the Stick Up Cam Plug-in, the camera cannot automatically switch to battery if the power goes out. That is a very bad design decision, and severely compromises the camera’s usefulness as a security device. If the power goes out the security system goes blind, even if the base station and WiFi are on battery.

Yes, I know the Stick Up Cam Battery isn’t affected by power outages, but the camera can’t use advanced motion detection algorithms (drains the battery too fast) and the user has to recharge the battery packs.

Having a camera that has true dual power and auto-switches between them gives you a product that has greater reliability and convenience–you don’t need to change out battery packs, the battery isn’t touched as long as wall power is working, and when the power goes out, the battery kicks in. When power comes back on, the battery recharges.