Need a "Snooze All" button

I have at least 5 Ring devices around the outside of my home that provide a motion alert. If I’m going to snooze the motion alerts, 8 out of 10 times I’m doing it for ALL 5 devices. It would be nice if there was a “Snooze All” button where one tap would snooze them all at once. As of now I need to select each camera, motion snooze it, back out and select another, etc… I usually snooze before I go on a drive in my car or plan on getting on a call and don’t want the alerts constantly going off to interrupt iphone music or the call.

In the Ring app, click on the Moon icon in the upper right and select a duration.

Hi @user19329. You can use the Global Snooze feature to snooze the alerts from all Ring Doorbells and Cameras at one location for a selected amount of time.

To activate Global Snooze:

  • Open your Ring app.
  • On the Dashboard screen, tap the half moon icon on the top right.
    • Before Global Snooze is activated the half moon icon on the top right will be white.
  • Move the Motion Snooze slider to desired time you want to snooze all of your cameras.
  • Tap Snooze Motion on the bottom of the screen.

Once Global Snooze is activated, all of your devices will display a small half moon icon on the bottom right side of the camera preview images on the Dashboard screen. The half moon in the top right will turn blue. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: