Need 6th October 2021 footage from 10am-12noon


I live ion Finberry Ashford Kent. I am not sure if there are other community members from the same area. But I would really appreciate help.

My family sent an item back to Amazon through Hermes courier collection from home. It was a lawnmower. We received reply from Amazon that “incorrect” item has been sent and please send the right item. Refund wouldn’t process.

It’s really upsetting and mentally disturbing. As a customer I would have no choice except to take the package pic in open state with the courier collector in the pic and seal it on front of the courier, etc. I think that’s the way forward only?

I have checked my cams. Somehow it’s not showing footage/ no events recorded in the first week of October. I called customer services, they couldn’t retrieve it in cloud and labelled it perhaps bad router connection and that it requires a reboot to avoid it in future.

Now if someone lives near me/ in the same area please contact me through this forum and help me in having any footage/ record of the activity on the said date and time.

Dr Shah