Mystery shared user turning on my floodlight?

Hi, most nights my Ring motion sensor floodlight turns on between 7:30 and 7:40 and then stays on until I manually turn it off using the app. My device history says that the device was turned on each time by “shared user.” But if you look at my settings, there is no shared user – I am the only user. And I am definitely not turning the light on manually. My poor neighbor had the light on all night into his bedroom when I was out of town. Can anyone help? The light is not turning on the same time every day. I have to manually turn the light off almost every night. Then the motion sensor will turn the light on as normal after I do that. The motion sensor is working fine and isn’t turning on unexpectedly.

Hi @rwt999. Could you share a screenshot of your History in the Ring app where it says it’s being turned on by a Shared User?