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I am trying to connect my girlfriends MyQ account to her Ring app for our home and when we link the accounts it says that their are no compatible devices to link. The MyQ is on my account and shared to her. Any way to fix this bug or add the MyQ device to multiple accounts?


Hi @AllStrobedUp. You may need to try linking the MyQ account on your Ring account, since the MyQ device is set up under your account and only on hers as a Shared User. If that doesn’t work, you can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring When I log in under my MyQ account on her phone and try to link it to her ring account, it says that the MyQ account is already linked to another Amazon account and won’t let me proced. Is their a way to take amazon out of the equation?

@AllStrobedUp There isn’t a way to change the flow for linking your MyQ account, but you might find some helpful information or resources in our Help Center Article here. There will be steps on how to link your MyQ to the Ring App as well as links out to other helpful articles and resources. If this concern still persists, I would recommend reaching out to our support team so they can take a deeper look for you. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue with my wife’s account. I setup the myQ integration without any issues under my accounts on my device, but unable to do the same under my wife’s accounts. Ring app says, “We can’t find a compatible device on your myQ account.” Ring phone support said to try calling the myQ people, but her myQ app is working fine as a standalone app. There’s an unresolved integration issue.


I am having the same issue with myQ and the Ring app. I also setup MyQ with no issues in the Ring app, but it is not automatically integrating into my wife’s Ring app even though she is a full permission shared user.

We tried adding my MyQ sign on user ID with her Ring app, and it didnt work. I made her a shared user on MyQ, and tried adding her sign on ID to the Ring app, and that also did not work.

Its working fine for me as the primary user, but not for my wife. To say she’s annoyed would be an understatement. We were thinking about adding a smart lock, but are all third party integrations this limited?

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I am having the same issue. I’m the primary account so it works on my end but it won’t work on my wife account. She linked her Amazon account and linked her MyQ account (she is co-owner on my account for MyQ) and as soon as it’s linked a message pops up saying “we can’t find a compatible device on your MyQ account” when my MyQ controller is linked to her MyQ account. We can open and close the garage door from her phone on the MyQ app under her MyQ account. Why can’t we link her ring account to her MyQ account when there is a compatible device?? This is really annoying


Thank you for the feedback on this, neighbors! We’ve shared this with our team and have confirmed that adding Shared Users to MyQ in the Ring app is not supported at this time.

As described further in our Help Center article, your Amazon account is linked to Ring account for MyQ to link to Ring. Similar to how Key by Amazon does not currently support a Shared User, MyQ also cannot.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Agreed. This seems like a simple oversight. Hoping this gets resolved ASAP. My did this just fine. Trying to make Ring my all in one stop for everything. Please address ASAP.


I wish I knew about this before. Will return it.

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Having the same issue. My wife MyQ works fine as a standalone app but I can not integrate it to ring for her. The only reason I purchased this controller was that it works with ring. I could have bought any opener if I wanted to use a second app!!!

Has there been a solution to this problem?

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Same issue. Please prioritize this integration glitch. Any devices configured under the primary ring location account should be accessible to shared users. When a primary account sets up a device linked through MyQ, the integration should pass through to shared Ring users. This is very frustrating.


Same issue here and very disappointed. The Ring folk constantly refer you to the FAQ’s yet, the capability is not working. MyQ works great but the integration with Ring, not so. I might return buth smart units and call Chamberlain to explain why.

Also, RING CS Staff - When you acknowledge a customers issue as a gap or problem in the product, how about YOU put the suggestion in for features not have the customers need to do it. I really think the RING support is just a bot.

I was in the market for 3 Pro Floodlight cams (Almost $900). Maybe not now.


Same issue here. Ring, how have you not fixed this since the first post is early this year? Please fix as most users are multiple user based not single user based!


This issue still needs to be fixed! Come on Ring!

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This is a ridiculous oversight that needs to be fixed. A device co owner with their own MyQ account should have the same ability to add the device to a ring account.

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I would love to learn whether there is any solution to bypass this problem. I set up the primary account under me, and my husband is extremely frustrated that the ring and Q cannot be integrated with his phone. Any solution would be much appreciated.

I just installed MyQ and had the same issue. Wish I had known before that Ring will only allow 1 user to open the garage door via the app.
Coming from DigitalLife where this feature is standard, I would have thought Ring was able to do this.

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Add another user with the same issue. Can’t expect just only one user to have access control to the garage.

Is this feature difficult to add where it breaks the ring app? If not - do it already.

Any way to be notified when a fix is done?