MyQ integration to close garage door after X number of minutes after arming

I have MyQ garage door opener linked with Ring and I can see the garage door and open/close it from the Ring App. However, I’d like to setup a rule that will ensure the garage is closed within “X” minutes of arming. For instance, I want to arm away and ensure that after 10 minutes the garage door is closed. I’ve gotten around this with other things (like locking my zWAVE door locks) using Alexa Routines, but the MyQ doesnt integrate with Alexa without ITFFF which I dont want to use. When will Ring either have routines/rules like Alexa does, or be able to be the bridge between MyQ and Alexa so I can create a routine?

Hi @evw5280. I went ahead and moved your post to our Feature Request Board, as there is not an option to set up a schedule or automatic closing for the MyQ integration. Our Feature Request board allows other neighbors to add interest and allows us to share suggestions with our teams. :slight_smile: