MyQ garage door integration

Integrating the ability to monitor smart garage door openers like MyQ would be good. That way the app could notify you if you accidentally leave the door open for a set duration, or if it opens unexpectedly.


Great Idea

Yes, I agree. Great idea.

MyQ has an “Alert” function. It will send you email if your door is left open after a predetermined time set by you.

Integration for MyQ would be great. I get tired of using different apps for each different device.

Ok so I guess I have to be a voice of reason here…

MyQ is licensed by Chamberlain (or whomever it is) and there is no incentive to partner with Ring for that because it does not benefit them in any way and it would cost Ring too much to do so.

What can be done and what SHOULD be suggested is 2 things:

  1. Garage Door Close Sensor - Would have to be installed on the door rail and be a switch with a spring (like an arm) that the metal parts of the back of the door (non-wooden door and non-roll-up door) would hit and hold down when in the closed position. This seems highly unlikely given the ease of install on Ring Products and this would not be “easy” for most home users. Or one that the carrage overhead would hit when it reaches the end of the track. <–easier IMO I suppose because you should be able to run power to it more easily also if you wanted to do a powered option.

  2. Garage open/close relay - I’m not sure how possible this is either because things do not appear to be as clean cut as they used to be. You can already get these for z-wave and integrate as a relay on the physical opener button. Again though this is not a simple install for a majority of home users. Not only that but I’m not sure that modern garage doors work that way anymore as there seems to possibly be an IC board with logic at the internal opener.

So for now just use the MyQ app and as others have suggested you can have it alert you to all kinds of stuff.

Notifications are good… but need to be able to open/close garage within the Ring app instead of using 2 apps disarming than opening garage.

Interesting! I setup myQ hub couple of days ago. While fiddling with settings, I noticed in the App, that it says it “works with” Ring. On the Ring App, if you click on an option to Add Garage Door, it asks for myQ account. Currently it doesn’t seem to recognize my account credentials, so may be it is still in beta version ?!? Will update this thread if I can get it to work.

I linked my Ring and myQ accounts and can now see the garage doors’ status, with each garage door coming in as a device which can see status. You can’t open/close them from Ring as it takes you to the myQ app for control. As far as I can tell you can’t put alerts on the status and also they don’t come through as a device to Alexa. Has anyone had any luck with this or do we just get to see basic status from ring app and thats the only feature?

Also, I am getting an error that says 'Something went wrong. Please try again later." when I click into a specific garage door through the dashboard. Maybe I did something wrong and thats why other features aren’t there?

Any help would be great!

Looking to be able to open my garage door for deliveries, have a doorbell pro at garage door

I’m looking to get a bolder notification from my mailbox sensor. Maybe just a text message, just so it doesn’t get buried in path light and other movement notifications.