My ring camera will not go live

I have two ring doorbell cameras one of them works perfect fine the other will not go live it just keep saying connecting it records fine has a strong signal it jus will not go live it’s been like this for a few weeks now can anyone help maybe it has something to do with the new iPhone update idk

Hi @user64873. Which model of Ring Doorbell or Security Camera is this? You can find the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. What is the RSSI number shown on the Device Health page? This give us an indication of the wifi signal strength.

Hello have the second 2nd gen my Rssi is at 53 my WiFi signal is very strong my Records and allows me to go back and watch the recording. It just will not go live. It only says connecting this for a few weeks now.

Hello it’s works now apple released an update that fixes the issues with accessing your ring camera All you have to do is download the new update from Apple and then reset all your cameras. Problem solved.

@user64873 I’m glad to hear that an update to the Ring app resolved this issue for you. Thanks for sharing!

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