My Gen2 video doorbell is hardwired but losing powert

Hi, my video doorbell is hardwired and was installed about 6 months ago, I’ve just noticed that it has started to lose power recently and is at 71% and dropping slowly. Does anybody know why it’s not at 100 and why it’s losing power please? Thank you

Probably due to the same problem I’m facing here. We have a Ring Doorbell 3 Plus hardwired, and when it is cold outside, the battery level goes down. After some googling, I found that all doorbells with a battery is running from the battery, and the hardwired power is only used for charging the battery. So when it gets cold, the battery stops charging. This, in my opinion, is a major design flaw, rendering the product far less than ideal in large parts of the world. This must have been designed by someone who lives in a warm climate year-round, and possibly never been outside their own state…

Hi neighbors, the cold weather can negatively impact battery powered Ring Doorbells and Cameras. We have more information on that here. You may see that the battery drains more quickly during extremely cold weather.