My echo / echo show doesn't work as a door bell

Hey all,

today I have installed my forst ring (wired).
it works fine: I can see someone on my mobile phone, etc.

To set my other alexa devices (e.g. echo, echo show5) as a door bell, I have installed the ring skill in alexa and connect both with each other (alex skill <> ring).
Now I can say “show me the doorbell” and I see want I want to see.
But it doen’t work, that the echos work as a door bell.
The communication is activate in each echo and there is no “DND” / Sleep mode.
I Tried to deinstall the skill, but there is no better resut.

Do you have an idee?

Thanks in advance.

greeting from Germany

Hi @headder. First, ensure both the Ring app and your Alexa app are fully updated, and check if your Echo devices need to be updated. Then make sure to set up the announcements in the Alexa app according to the instructions listed here. We also have the instructions in German here if that works better. When toggling on the announcements, verify you have selected your Echo devices under Announcement Devices as well.

thank you.
the apps are all up to date.
the announcements are activated
I don’t know what to do…
I try to deinstall und install the alexa skill…

Hi @headder. Im happy to chime in. Since the basic troubleshooting steps have not helped, the next best step would be to reach out to our support team for further assistance. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.