My dashboard wont load, it just keeps spinning

My dashboard wont load, it just keeps spinning, and runs my battery down

This should not be happening @GCB. The best first steps here would be to remove and reinstall the application on your mobile device, as well as ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled. Depending on mobile device type and carrier, try also closing other apps in the background and testing connection on wifi only, versus cell data only. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

I have reloaded the app several times and it still will not load the Dashboard,After I recieved you message I turned off Bluetooth, celluar, and VPN and reloaded the APP

When I opened up the App it still gives me the same message of Can not load the dSHBOARD.

Then I get a message that says


As a result you may not be able to access your ring app and devises at this time

We hope to resolve this issue soon

Please try again later

When I ry laer, it sill wont load and just spins until it times out

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Same here been like this for 2 days.
according to the Ring system report, this issue has been resolved but, it’s not.
don’t worry about the Bluetooth being on as I have to keep my on for the stupid chime pro.

i sent a report but, nothing will be done.

Both my wife’s phone and mine are Android and they both did updates to the ring app and both are doing the same thing where the login screen just keep spinning. I also get a message that says “certificate validation failed! redirecting to login” I reinstalled the app and cleared the cash for the app. Nothing help.

I have been having this issue as well on my iPhone Xs and it started occurring when the “Modes” feature was introduced. Disabling the VPN does correct the problem for me, but I refuse to disable my VPN just to utilize the “Modes” feature and get my dashboard to load. All other functions work fine with VPN on. It is very concerning that a company that is based on “Security” is asking you to disable the VPN on your device to make their App work properly.

I am using McAfee VPN.

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Make sure all shortcuts are added to the dashboard whether u have the devices or not. Swipe shortcuts to the left and select edit. Then drag all hidden devices to the top to unhide them.