My Chime is too soft.

I know about the volume slider, it is full up. I have the normal chime, not the pro. It is working fine, I can change ring tones and turn it down. But I selected the most cutting ring tone I could find and have the slider on full, it’s still _ way too soft _.

I used to have it in the hallway, about 5 ft from the (thin and normlly closed) door to the living room and we can hardly hear it at the other side…

So I have it in the livingroom now, which means it can’t be heard in the rest of the house. It’s at below conversation level. And no, we don’t shout at eachother, we converse very reasonably.

And I read here that some think it’s too loud. I can’t imagine…

Anything I can do?

Hey @Dutch749! You’ve definitely taken all the correct steps to increase volume on your Chime. I recommend performing a reset on the Chime by holding the setup button for 15 seconds. Once completed, please perform a new setup.

To ensure your volume settings are saving and applying, please try the above steps using an outlet closer to your wifi router. If this does not resolve your concerns, the next best step would be to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

Did all that.

Removed the chime from the app, closed the app. Reset the chime with the button on the side. Reopened the app and added the chime. No difference.

I can set the volume and ringtone for the chime in the app, test it, it reacts fast, also when pressing the ring doorbell.

Default ringtone (cuts the most) at max volume and all I get is 62dB at 1m. using the dB meter app on my iphone. It’s below conversation level. Won’t do.

Well. My chime is still too soft. I missed the UPS guy yesterday even though we were IN THE SAME ROOM as where my chime is. It is still working, I heard it chirp later. I had headphones on and my wife had her earpods in. But a full blown chime on full force should have easily penetrated those. Earpods are open.

Phoned the ring support line today. Talked to Mohammed for 3 minutes, then he went to ask how loud the chime was supposed to be and 5 minutes later I was hung up upon.

I’ve asked for a warranty replacement at the store.

So, I got it back. It’s louder now.

What actually was the problem: I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to keep it and left the plastic foil on the thing. Didn’t think it would change much, as it is a thin foil. Apparently it does make some difference.

Now I’m still not totally blown away, it’s now at its loudest and it will suffice. As long as we don’t make too much noise.

Hi @Dutch749! Sorry for not getting back to you right away. Glad to see the experience is now improved and that your Chime is at the intended and desired volume. The packaging is certainly worth checking, but often overlooked.

As it may help another neighbor in the future, I’ve marked your results as a solution. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community! :slight_smile: