My Basic protect plan has been cancelled, but I never asked for it :(

I’ve just got an email saying that my protect plan (it was Basic plan) has been cancelled. But I never did any such thing - how to reverse this. It seems like I’m not the only one and if this is happening automatically it is a scam, fraud even. I don’t want to call support, just to set it back as it was, but there is no way how to contact anybody from RING via email or chat :confused:


EDIT: So I’ve just tried to cancel this new plan and it’s not possible, it says that “You chose to stop this plan at the end of its billing cycle, on Mar 30, 2022” :frowning:

EDIT2: So, it seems like it’s related to my billing issue: Double billing each year! and fact that RING billed me each year twice, for both plans :((

It was billing error, RING solved it for me via phone support: Double billing each year! - #2 by jan5

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