MUST HAVE for smart lighting!

We just added a few A19 smart bulbs to our home system, but the Ring App will not let me share control of them with my spouse on her device. Is there a plan to allowed shared usage of smart lighting in the future? Having only one person that can control the lighting severely limits the functionality. Had I been aware of this prior to purchase, I would NOT have added the lighting to our Ring products in use.


Are you sure it doesn’t allow sharing? I just installed the Ring Bridge with a couple of the A19s, and now that it’s all set up in the app I see an option for Shared Users under the group settings.

Never mind. Like I said, I just got this system. Per the app, Grouped Devices can’t be shared unless you remove them from the group first. But you can’t set these up without putting them in a group, and can’t remove from a group. Bummer…I guess we’ll have to share a login until this feature gets added.