Multiple Wifi Networks - Ring Car Cam

When I setup my Ring Car Cam I was confused as to what wifi network to connect it to. Initially I used my vehicle’s wifi hotspot which ended up not working out well. I switched to my home network with better results.

I acutally have three locations with three different wifi networks where my vehicle with the Car Cam could be parked. Plus there is the AT&T hotspot in the car with a 4th wifi connection. It would be great if the Ring Car Cam (or the Ring App) would remember multiple wifi networks and automatically connect to the appropriate network much like my Android phone (and some other wifi connected devices) does automatically.

Yes! Please allow for more than one wifi network!!


Agree. Having several options allow for work, hotels, visiting family etc.

Yes! I have home, work, and parents home that i would like for it to monitor. We definitely need this feature expanded.