Multiple Quick video review simultaneously

I just got two new ring flood lights to replace another vendors product. Based on reviews the new pro version seemed good.

The ring app is much less useful than the prior vendors app. Reviewing video on the old vendors app was fast and easy. Three videos would display at the same time in the app, in a time lapse quick review mode. It looks like one frame every second or two. Great for quickly determining what the event was. All cameras on the system would display in reverse chronological order. And you could scroll down and three videos per iPhone screen would be playing real time. I could review a week of captures in a few minutes from multiple cameras.

On the ring app it’s does not appear possible. Each camera has its own video timeline, only one video plays at a time, and the videos are slow to load and the interface is poor for reviewing things quickly. The history tab is all text based and the classification is ok, I have had bugs and deer identified as people.

But there appears to be no way to quickly review videos on my phone app from multiple cameras like other vendors. Unless I am missing something?

This might be a deal breaker for me. Seems like it misses one of the main objectives.