Multiple Lighting Bridges

I understand that only one smart lighting bridge is allowed per address. I think many folks feel my pain when it comes to the limited range of this 900Hz network. While it extends to a wider range than most wi-fi, it’s still limited and connectivity to smart lighting can be a challenge. In my case, I have lights that extend a good distance in front of my house and behind. If I move the bridge to the middle of my house, I have connectivity issues with all my lights. If I move it to the front, my front lights are good and my back lights are not.

I’m curious if anyone has installed two bridges with success. I use Homebridge to allow my Ring devices to show up under Apple’s Home app via HomeKit. All of my schedules and automation are done through Apple.

I was thinking that I can add a second bridge under a second address and still have the smart lights from this second bridge come through HomeKit and be visible for scheduling and automation. So while it’s 2 different addresses in the Ring app, it’s just one home in Apple’s system. Anyone have success?

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did you ever figure out how to do this? i have the same problem