Multiple light bridges with Alarm Pro?

Is it now possible to use multiple light bridges?

I’ve had a Ring smart light bridge for over a year with several lights connected. I recently upgraded my alarm to the Pro and when I set up a new light, I was offered the option of connecting it to the Alarm bridge instead.

I now have a few lights connected to both the smart light bridge and Alarm Pro bridge. I have a spare smart light bridge, can I now use it to increase the range of my lights?

Hi @jordanmerrick. You can only use one Ring Bridge at each location in the Ring app. This excludes your Ring Alarm Pro, which can act as a bridge, but you cannot add another Ring Bridge to the same location. I checked with my team on this and it’s important to note that groups do not work across different bridges, like your Ring Bridge and your Ring Alarm Pro. You may see incremental improvement by using both as a bridge, but you will lose the ability to group all your lights together.