Multiple Echo's Wrong Bridge

I have a Ring Outdoor Transformer that within the Ring App shows “Connected to: Echo Show 10”.

I have multiple Echos, but of note: 1x Echo Show in Basement, 1x Echo Show in Kitchen, and 1x Echo 4th Gen in my front room, and a Ring Bridge in my basement… my ring outdoor transformer occasionally (once a week) goes offline, and I am forced to reboot my Echo Show Kitchen and everything is fixed.

How on earth do I get the ring outdoor transformer to connect to the echo in the front room OR ring bridge so this stops happening?!

I cannot for the life of me figure out how you modify which is the primary Bridge.

Please help.

Have you tried to re-install your transformer? With every piece I’ve added to my system, my Echo(4th gen) has always come up as the default bridge, install program allows you to select different bridge where you can chose the Ring bridge. Maybe it chose the strongest signal if you had no choice of bridges to use.

I have not uninstalled and reinstalled the transformer. That seems like a very annoying step to troubleshoot given that ring shows all 3 connected devices online.

I suppose it is possible that a singular bridge is picked upon installation… seems odd. If I reboot the echos it does not connect to a different bridge, nor does it see the ring bridge.

I guess that is the next logical step to take, but that is quite annoying to troubleshoot… literally killing functional lighting just to see if it possibly connects to the right bridge.

Would love to hear people from Ring chime in and state for sure how bridge election is conducted, and if there is a way to change associated bridges.

Choosing which device to connect to as a Smart Lighting Bridge is accomplished during the setup process in the Ring app. To change the Bridge, simply go through another setup process for your Smart Lighting device in the Ring app and choose another Bridge to connect to. Check out our Help Center article below for steps and tips on using an Echo as a Bridge. :slight_smile: