Multiple doorbells separate buildings

I’m looking for a system with three door bells and an additional camera on three buildings within myc urtilage (house., office and garden studio). Is this possible on one account? What products do I need?

Hi there, @philkhor! You can certainly have many Ring devices on one Ring account. You can also have multiple locations in one Ring app, but it sounds like in this instance, these Doorbells will all be at the same location.

As long as your wifi signal is reaching these areas of your home efficiently, installing multiple Video Doorbells is easy and a great way for you to keep an eye on your property. The Ring app will make this easy by walking you through a setup process for each Video Doorbell and provide settings for you to organize and control each device to operate how you would like. Another tip for installing multiple Doorbells, many neighbors share success with battery-powered Video Doorbell models, for ease of installation when needing multiple on their home. Feel free to check out the various Video Doorbells and Cameras at I hope this helps! :slight_smile: