Multiple chime?

Today, i received a ‘chime Pro’ because i struggle to hear people at my door. I had the misfortune of suffering a stroke few years ago and this is just one of the hiccups its left me.

Its not the loudest device which has disappointed me a bit and because of this i have three questions.

  1. Is it possible to upload a completely different tone which is maybe louder and longer?
  2. Is it possible to install more Chimes so i can have them dotted around other parts of house?
  3. Is it possible to install a light(s) which flashes when doorbell camera is rang?

I cant think of anything else to try.

In an ideal world i wouldn’t have had the stroke but it has and i can’t turn back the clock.

Hi @Zeb1. I’m happy to answer your questions here so you can find a solution that will work best for your needs. At this time, you cannot use custom tones for the Ring Chime or Chime Pro. However, you can set up multiple Chimes or Chime Pros in your home and connect them to your Ring Doorbell. Each of the Chimes will ring when someone rings the Doorbell, that way you can have more coverage in different areas of your home.

As for the last question, this might be possible with an Alexa Routine, if you have a compatible Alexa device. I’m not sure if you could make a light flash, but you should be able to create an Alexa Routine to have a compatible smart light turn on when someone rings the Doorbell. You can learn more here to see if that would be an option you want to consider.

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Thank you for replying.

I just followed your advice. I can switch lights on when the doorbell cam is activated but they stay on and require me to switch them off-which isnt good if im not at home.

I’ll have to buy more chimes.

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I just thought i’d come back to this and say i fixed the problem.

I googled how to pair the doorbell to all four Echo devices i have dotted round house and now i have it in quadraphonic sound which even i should hear.

  1. Open the Alexa app and tap the Devices icon in the footer

  2. Tap All Devices at the top

  3. Tap your Video Doorbell

  4. Tap Doorbell Press Announcements to enable the feature

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@Zeb1 Awesome, I’m glad you found a setup that should work well! Thanks for sharing those steps as well, they may come in handy if someone else wants to use a similar setup. :slight_smile: