Multiple Chime Pros

I currently have one Chime Pro in my garage to accomodate an outdoor Ring Floodlight. The signal is strong and everything works perfectly. I’m considering adding a Ring Floodlight in my back yard as well. My concern is - the Wifi Signal back there is somewhat weak. It’s also a good distance from the Ring Chime Pro in the garage. Can I install a 2nd Chime Pro (closer to the proposed Ring Backyard floodlight) to help increase the signal to the backyard light? I’m not finding much information on the value of installing multiple chime pros. My main 2 questions are - 1) will a second chime pro disrupt the value that the first one has already provided me and 2) How do the floodlights know which chime pro to connect to since there’s only one “Chime Pro Network” displayed on the app?

Hi @tgaleza. Installing a second Chime Pro is a perfect idea if you’re worried about the signal not being strong enough for the second Floodlight Cam you’re installing. Adding on additional Chime Pros will only help the signal as they will daisy chain off of each other. Also, having a Chime Pro that is dedicated specifically for the new camera will only help improve the experience you have with it.

When setting up these devices, you will want to make sure you set up the second Chime Pro first. Once this is set up and you go to set up the Floodlight Cam in the app, it will recognize that the newly install Chime Pro has the best signal and therefore will prompt you to instantly connect to that Chime Pro. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :smiley_cat:


I bought the second chime pro to boost the signal to a floodlight camera that has already been installed at the back of my house. Do I need to reset the floodlight camera to pick up the signal from this chime pro first? At the moment, although the second chime pro is connected to the network, the signal to/from the garden cam is still at RSSI 74.

@roco After you set up the Chime Pro, you will need to then re-set up your Floodlight Cam to the Chime Pro network. You can do this by going into the device profile for the Floodlight Cam, selecting Device Health and then change wifi network. This will take you through a new setup, and from there, you will connect it to the Chime Pro network. Hope this helps!


I’m wondering about how the Chime Networks:

I added a Chime Pro and connected two spot cams to it.

So, the RSSI is great for each cam, around -35 to -40.

However, the Chime Pro RSSI is -65.

So, does the cam hit the Chime Pro at -35 only to be

slowed back to the -65 which the Chime Pro is showing ?

Hi, I have the same plan but just wondering how do I setup my second chime pro? Do I use the first chime pro network? My first chime pro is 1st gen. I’m going to add a 2nd gen will that be compatible? Thanks.

Hi @mgarrucho. You’ll follow the setup instructions under Setup a Device in the Ring App to set up your second Chime Pro. Once you have the Chime Pro setup, you can follow the steps in our Help Center Article here to connect an existing device to your Chime Pro. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile: