Multiple cameras on one basic account


I have a Ring security cam set up and paying for the subscription £2.50 a month, I want to add a doorbell but only want to use the free abilitys on that, without recording, but I want to have both attached to the same account, controlled all from my phone, I don’t want to pay more than double for a second device, so can it be used with the basic features on the same account or will automatically try and charge me more? I paid ahead for a year so not sure how it would so this anyway.



Hey @Jamllo. You can set up as many devices within the Ring app on the same location or on other locations, without having to add a plan. It is best to only pay for what you need, so if you do not need the video storage for your Doorbell, you can add it to your account by setting it up within the App! The app will ask you what location it should be on, and as long as you set it up under the same location as your camera, they will show up at the same time on your Dashboard under that location, and show in the same area under Devices as well. We will not automatically charge you for another plan, this is something you will have to sign up for only if you want it! :slight_smile: