Multiple base stations at same location - Celluar backup available for both?

I’ve read numerous posts on this topic, but still need a little clarification on functionality with respect to the Protect plans. I understand only one base station per location/address can be setup on the professional monitoring service. My question is, if I setup a secondary base station in my detached shop(same address) will that station be able to take advantage of the cellular backup service if it’s registered to the same location as the main(pro monitored) station? I realize this secondary shop system will have to be self-monitored, but I’d like to still have the capability of cellular backup.

Don’t think you have cellular backup with self monitoring. May need to use an extender to get the sensors to connect with the base station in the house. Or you can get the new base station with a built in router to maybe extend the range.

Hi @OldSmokey. We don’t recommend trying to use two different Base Stations at the same location or address. You can only have one Ring Alarm system per location in the Ring App, and the Professional Monitoring and cellular backup will only apply to that one Ring Alarm system at the location. If you’re trying to secure a shed or workshop at the same location, you might want to look into another option that would fit better and work reliably for you.

Thanks for the feedback. Can I create an “alternate” address/location somehow for the secondary base station if I plan to only self monitor it?

@OldSmokey You can try it but I can’t guarantee the Ring App will let you create two locations with the same address so you can use two Base Stations at the same location.