Multiple alarm zones or separate sensor groups

As a homeowner with an in-law suite, I want to divide my alarm sensors into two groups that can be triggered separately so that I can have the main house and in-law suite be set and triggered separately and both professionally monitored on the same account.

The primary solution proposed by Ring staff (having two base stations, with only one professionally monitored) is not acceptable to me as I want professional monitoring on both units.


Completely agree! i have the same situation. Most other home security systems are able to create partitions or seperated zones to arm/disarm/alarm seperately. I would imagine ring can easily do this with a software update. PLEASE RING include this option! i woudl even buy two base stations to have as seperate units completely, but they will are not albe to professionly monitor both! this needs to be adressed.


I have the exact same need. I need to be able to partition a couple doors separately from the rest of the house so guests can come and go without tripping the alarm. This could be as simple being able to create multiple ‘home’ configurations which include some sensors, and not others for different circumstances. If we could quickly select a configuration, this would solve a lot of the need. For example “Alone mode= motion sensors on. and all exterior doors armed” Guest mode- motion sensors off and guest exterior door off.

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Agreed! Ring - please consider this one. I’ll gladly be a tester for you!

An alarm system should be able to have partitions/zones that can be enabled/disabled separately. For instance, a rarely used basement could be enabled even while the residents are home, allowing them the peace of mind that their home is protected from potential break-ins on the basement level.

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Same type issue here. I want to monitor a door sensor on a detached garage to make sure it’s closed but I want it to alarm separately from the house door sensors. I don’t want a second base station just to do this. Ring, please provide a software fix.

Agree this one is important and probably not a major update. Need the ability to group sensors together for easy on/off with the alerts. When I’m away, all sensors are giving alerts. When I’m home, I disable certain door and motions detectors individually so my phone doesn’t keep pinging every second. Would be nice to click one toggle for a whole group.

Agreed! I have an outbuilding with an office and garage that everything is monitored and I even have a secondary keypad in there. It would be nice to be able to arm that when I am done in there for the night but leave the house disarmed.

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It’s ridiculous this isn’t a feature already. I want to change my existing alarm system to Ring to integrate it with all the cameras I have, but I want the garage and gym to be a different zone, so that it can be alarmed during the night, when the house isn’t.

Us landlords need this feature, and being that we own multiple properties, we will either own multiple Ring systems, or switch to another brand system if Ring does not add this feature.

I need this feature. It’s been a standard feature in wired alarm systems since the 80’s at least. One could arm the downstairs PIRs and door/window switches at bedtime and leave the upstairs disarmed.

Another use case (my currently desired one) is to add outbuildings (garage, sheds, home office) to the Ring system but arm/disarm them separately, depending on who is in/out at a given time of day.

I have two areas of the house that are seperated. i need to be able to arm and disarm each area seperately (which would mean the ring alarm would need to be able to create zones or partitoins), which i do not belieev it can do at the moment. Most other home security systems are able to create partitions or seperated zones to arm/disarm/alarm seperately. I would imagine ring can easily do this with a software update. PLEASE RING include this option! i would even buy two base stations to have as seperate units completely, but Ring will not professionly monitor both and also recommonds that 2 base stations are not installed at the same address! This needs to be adressed. Also glass break sensors are a must have feautre ring is lacking on.

Ring needs to have a multiple zone feature. This is essential if you have a larger house, separate buildings on a property, especially a garage. It’s a pretty basic feature and I don’t understand why it isn’t already present.

We’re not interested in camera detection zones. I already have a separate IP camera NVR setup. I would like the ring system to have groups of contact/PIR sensors so that a garden office or garage could be protected while people are in the house. Or “arm” the house and “disarm” the home office outbuilding.

Yes - I have a recording studio in the area above our garage. It has its own alarm “zone” complete with its own keypad and sensors. Yet, it is tied to the house alarm system. So I can just set the studio alarm, but leave the house alarm off. If I set the studio alarm, then set the house alarm when we leave, everything is protected. SimpliSafe does not offer multiple zones either, and I was told they are “working” on it. If Ring gets zoning first, they will beat SimpliSafe to the market!

seems strange I couldn’t find this on the feature request board.

this would big a big win for all those with offices and dwellings in the backyard who have the use case for two zones (a- home, b - detached structure).

Having multiple arming zones in an alarm is a basic feature, so was surprised that Ring doesn’t have this. I’d like to include my garage and 3 outbuildings in my Ring alarm system, and be able to arm them independently. Frequently I’m working in my home office building and want the house protected. Or the Office and house disarmed but the sheds and garage armed.

Soooooo, does Ring ever reply? Or do they just not even read these?

100% support - would like to be able to set sensors in out building and parts of house as armed when home mode is enabled. Ability to have multi zones separately armed would be a huge benefit and surely not that difficult

We have a room in our house we rent out with a separate entrance. I am setting up my Ring security system right now. I am wanting to add a door sensor and a motion detector in that room. How do I set it up so we can arm and disarm those devices separately from the main devices in our house?
We have one base station.