Moving houses and shipping

Does anybody know if there are any issues with shipping Ring alarm base/keypads/contacts cameras or if I can check them as baggage? I’m moving and want to take my investment with me. Thanks.

Good question, @jefff1! It is recommended to remove batteries, or reinsert the pull tabs (if you have them), to ensure certain Alarm devices are not powered while shipping. For the Base Station, that battery should run out of charge within 24 hours of unplugging, thus there is no need to remove that battery. As for the Keypad, this is the only item with a long lasting battery that cannot be removed. If possible, try allowing the Keypad to be off of the power adapter for as long as possible up until packing it up. Please also check out our help center article about managing locations with Alarm, for steps on how to change locations during a move.

Other than that information, there should not be any problem in shipping your Alarm devices. This could depend on region and customs, so it will be best to double check with those entities if leaving the region. If leaving the region, please also ensure the new location is supported for Alarm. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: