Hi Ring,

Still loving the products and plan but have a complicate question. We are building a new home and will migrate the Ring buddies to the new address eventually. Once moved we will be selling the old home (eventually) and would like to keep one main ring device at the old address to monitor driveway access.

1- how much internet access with one video device require to function as internet will be reduce to a minimum to keep costs down?

2- once I reconnect the other devices to a new address will it mess up my account, having two locations?

Hey @cfugle. For the Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Camera, they all require 2 Mpbs upload/download, so if you can make sure the internet at that address has that amount, you’re set with that! In regards to your account, you will need to set up the devices again after removing them from the old address, and during the setup, use your new address. This will create a second location for you, which you can toggle back and forth from in the main menu in the Ring app above dashboard.

Having two locations will require you to have two plans. You can make sure you have a basic monthly plan for the one device at the old location, and the basic or plus plan for the new address, depending on how many devices are at the new address. This will not mess up your account, but instead give you two locations, and two plans to manage. :slight_smile:

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