Moving and want to deactivate Ring devices


We’ve sold our home in which we currently have numerous Ring devices. Some of these devices we’ll take with us when we move (such as the Stick-Up Cams), but some (Spotlight Cams and Doorbell) will be left for the new owner. What is the proper procedure to deactivate the latter Ring devices in order to pass ownership and control of these to the new owner.

Thank you.

Great question @PaulF! For your Ring Doorbells and Cameras this will be as easy as removing them from the Ring app. To do this, visit each device in the Ring app, go to the device settings, and select general settings. In the general settings for each device will be an option to “Remove Device”.

If you have a Ring Alarm system, check out our help center article about moving locations with Ring Alarm, for the proper steps to unregister and prepare the system for a new location/ owner. I recommend also checking our article about Change of Ownership in case any of this information applies to your scenario. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: