Mounting wired floodlight on soffit

Hi, can I mount wired floodlight on horizontal surface (underside of soffit) and get sensor and lights to angle properly (down and 30 or 45 degrees away from wall)? Thanks!

Hi @scubabob ! As long as you adjust and rotate so the motion sensor points down, you should be good to go. Page 20-23 in the manual should help with this :slight_smile:

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When mounting under an eave, should the sensor be in front of the floodlights or behind? The atached picture is the way I currently have the sensor pointed.

Jennifer - As simple as it may seem, it can be very confusing trying to determine the correct orientation of the fixture when hanging it up side down from eave/soffit. There are 2 questions which need SIMPLE answers:

  1. Should the sensor be in front of the lights when facing the building, or behind the lights?

  2. Should the sensor be oriented so that the lens is pointing toward the ground, and the “RING” logo is right side up, parallel with the ground?

Please do NOT refer us to the manual, as it DOES NOT include a diagram of a fixture that is mounted from an overhanging eave/soffit.