Motion Zone Schedules

I live on a street with a lot of traffic during the day. It would be VERY helpful if I could set up a schedule for each motion zone. That would allow me to use 1 zone to monitor close to the house all day which would avoid capturing every car or person that goes by AND have a second zone that monitors the street late night to early morning to catch potential criminal activity.

People have been asking about this feature for years. Its 2024 and this still isn’t a thing, unbelievable!

I also simply need one smaller motion zone during the day, and a different larger motion zone at night.

Been in the Ring ecosystem for about 5 years, several cameras and paying premium subscription every year. Over $1,500 deep in the Ring platform and had to buy a cheap $50 camera from China to get the job done that Ring can’t do.

I feel trapped in the Ring platform, thus everyone who asks about cameras I tell them… DON’T GET RING.

This is costing Ring a ton of money, Ring do you want me to write the code for you to make this happen?