Motion Zone Request

New here so maybe this has been request numerous times. If so, sorry for the redundancy.

Would like to submit this as a feature request: update motion schedules so that they can be applied per device, a group of devices, or all devices. Integrate this functionality with modes for greater flexibility.

Use case: doorbell with three zones. Zone 1 centrally placed in the area immediately in front of the door. A zone 2 and 3 to the left and right of zone 1 out to the sides of the front yard. During the day I only want alerts from zone 1. Over night I want alerts from all zones. Having to manually toggle on and off motion zones is not ideal.

Expanding on this concept with additional devices, a backyard floodlight cam could be set up with a central zone covering most of back yard. You may not want alerts during the day but would over night. But would want alerts for zones set up along the fence line throughout the day and night.

Etc, etc, etc.


I would love to have this feature. I want a time frame criteria to enable and disable a secondary zone for night time use.