Motion zone is cropped from actual picture

When setting the motion zones for one of my Ring camera’s, as you can see from the two attached picture that the range of view is NOT the same. I have a alley way to the top of the picture which I would like a motion zone on, but unfortunately when setting a motion zone the top and bottom of the picture is cut off.

Please Fix

Hi @billwill. I would first uninstall the Ring app, reboot your mobile, then reinstall the Ring app. Once that is complete, try to draw your Motion Zones and see if the image is correctly displayed. You can also try to do this on a new mobile or a tablet. If both of those do not work, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

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Nope, still doesnt work. Tried re installing the app on my phone and also tried on my ipad. Any help?


I noticed this change too; I read somewhere it’s a feature that ring itself changed, decreasing the motion zone distance, I hate it! My backyard is big and now my two backyard cameras don’t reach my kids trampoline. Big fail on rings side!


If that’s true then it’s really silly. Why wouldn’t I want a motion zone on everything my camera is pointed at?

I hope they can fix this in a update


Hey neighbors! Chiming in for Tom here. The error that you are running into is actually by design. You can read more about this in our Community post about this feature update here, but the note in particular to call out from the article is as follows: " Note: Motion zones can not be extended to the full area of your Live View when creating these zones. This is because the area your camera covers is slightly larger than the area your motion sensors cover."

Please note that you may not be able to cover your full live view, but the boxes you are drawing is the area that your motion sensor on your battery device can cover. You will not run into this when drawing zones for hardwired/powered devices such as the Ring Pro, as the motion sensing technology in it if from Advanced Pixel Detection and not PIR Motion Sensors like the battery devices. Hope this helps clear this up for you! :slight_smile:



Community Manager - If I remember correctly , before the new boxed zones were introduced, my stick up camera had a longer sensor range. I live on a busy street so I had to angle my cam so that it would not pick up cars passing my driveway which caused a lot of alerts and video. So I angled the camera to show only the driveway (slightly longer than a car) and the sidewalk. Which eliminated the excessive car vid’s. So I know the sensor ability is there . And as it is now , the covered area is very minimal. It only covers from the back of the car up to the sunroof. Which does not cover the front doors. I will send you two screen snapshots. First one is of the adjustment screen. The second is of the area it covers. As you can see , it’s a very small area to not be able to completely cover.


I really don’t understand the stupidity of having a different motion view to the live view. I was unaware of this until I saw that my car had been broken into and I wasn’t alerted! I check motion settings and saw that area wasn’t covered even though it’s on live view!!!. THANKS RING! NOT!
Also, what is with the ridiculous 2FA? Complete time waster. My advice… Get rid of it before someone sues you for not being able to log onto their camera in time to see a family member needing immediate help!


I see this post hasn’t moved much recently - are users still frustrated by the lack of cover when setting motion zones?
Why have a wide angle live view then only cover a fraction of the total area. I have lost cover on cars on my drive so potentially need another camera …… mmmmmm!!
Please amend and let the user decide how much of the live view to set up for motion detection.


I think what seems to be eluding the Ring team is that some of us bought the camera based on the features as advertised on the day… In fact some could be as boorish to dare to say “that’s why we bought the #$%#323 things in the first place.”


What’s the point in staying with a company that has a blemished public track record for privacy and consumer data and then compounds user frustrations by trying to slip in some (yes some of us are electrical and software Engineers - note the “E”) word salad with regard to why the thing doesn’t do what it used to and was a selling feature in the first place. You’re basically morphing into a Sonos peer. As in, you’re a hardware security company not a software subscription service but you often act like the latter yet the trust is in the former and is established ON DAY OF PURCHASE.

Is there anyone who actually wants this feature? How many people will it take before you remove it?

Wen I first got my ring cameras they cover my hole patio now the motion sensors only cover half way if I new this from the beginning I would’ve returned the cameras and not spend all that money this is ridicules . And is a fraud in way

Wen I first got
My cameras they cover my whole patio the reason for my camera on the patio is cover my shed we’re I have all my tools that now is nto cover by the motion like on the beginning wen I first got it thank you guys and your updates . And this is a fraud because if I new from
The beginning I would’ve returned all my cameras and not spend all that money

I’m having the same issue and since it’s been going on since 2020 judging by these comments, I’m guessing ring does not care about our opinion?

The new angle that my cameras are forced to be stuck at doesn’t make any sense for security reasons. The entire top half of my camera view which is the majority of my driveway is now left out of the motion zone. The lower half which is the concrete and back tires doesn’t help me see if anyone is approaching the vehicles or record it.

To me this feels like false advertisement that we purchased these cameras with certain features that have now been removed and created security issues which is what the camera was purchased for in the first place and advertised for.

I don’t see from a legal perspective how this is really a viable feature to remove, if you sell your equipment with certain features and then remove it after people have installed and signed up for yearly contracts, it seems like you’re in breach of contract. Sad that it even got to this point from a company that never needed to make these changes.

There isn’t one feature that is new to the app that has been an improvement. All of the new updates have just inconvenienced users and made our homes and properties less secure.

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Remove the advanced motion detection and you will have your full screen again.

Can’t believe this has been an issue for years that isn’t addressed. I just got these cameras. Ok fine, I can’t have the motion zone be the full live zone, but it won’t even show me the full field so I can select the area I want covered by the detection. It crops the top third of the live view, and that’s the portion that should have detection. This is a bad bad feature. So bad in fact, it’s a flaw. If this is by design, it’s a terrible design.

Just bought my 1st set of Ring cameras and was NOT expecting this feature… NOT happy at all with it. Can I have my money back?

Just got off the phone with Ring about this same issue and, yes, I was told ‘it’s by design’.

To be clear – this hasn’t always been this way. This issue wasn’t present when I set up my outdoor battery cams several months ago – it’s been changed in the meantime, so the explanation doesn’t add up.

I was only made aware of the change when I reviewed footage that I expected to be alerted about, but wasn’t – because the top ~25% of the camera frame is now missing in the motion zone.

This means my two outdoor Ring cams are now useless for their intended purpose of monitoring specific areas of a property. This ‘update’ now means those areas are out of range and disabling this ‘advanced’ feature to work around this means public areas I don’t want to monitor are now monitored, too.

Ring – please restore this feature to how it originally worked and don’t try to hide the fact that you’ve changed something to make it worse for reasons you’re not being open about.

Dear Ring, why is the field for motion selection cropped in 2 out of my 3 spotlight cam solars? I have a car dealership and installed these to catch thieves breaking into my cars. I’ve had cars broken into with no alert because I can’t see enough field of view to get notification of movement. Will you reimburse the $1000’s I’ve lost? Or can you flip a switch and change this?

They are still advertising adjustable custom motion zones on Amazon and other retail. I just discovered this dysfunction and will be phasing out my entire ring system of 6 cameras and doorbell. Bubye Ring