Motion Zone Editing bug

The motion zones cannot be changed to appropriate shapes and this seems to be a persistent issue as noted in the following threads. Please fix this bug for better editing of motion zones. Also, please add it to the website to be able to do more precisely that can be currently done on the mobile app.

Here are the previous threads that highlight this issue:

There are 2 more links, but this board will only let me add 2.

Unbelievably bad user interface for defining and updating motion zones.

As someone who has been involved in interactive software systems from nearly 50 years, since not long after the birth of the technology, I have rarely seen such a badly designed, badly executed and totally ineffective bit of user interface design. Even on a large screen tablet, it is fiendishly difficult. On a phone, you have no hope!


If we can’t define the zones, how can we make our Ring doorbells work properly!?

As far as I can see your customers have been complaining about this for years!

Forget adding any more wizzy features until you fix the basics.

This really is ‘Marketing and Customer Care 101’ stuff.