Motion Zone + Active/Inactive (bring back old feature!)

Bring back the ability to make motion zones active/inactive! Now can only delete them to have to make new ones.

In a fairly old version of the Ring App for the Ring Doorbell Pro there was the ability to make motion zones active or inactive. Please bring that back!!! It went away sometime in 2020 and has been a pain ever since.

Now the only option is to delete motion zones and/or turn motion detection off. I had 3 zones and would activate one from time to time and don’t like that now I have to delete it only to make it again when I want/need it. Was so much easier to fine tune the motion area and then make it inactive if I didn’t want that area monitored.

Example of use: Landscaper day I make an area of the lawn inactive so I don’t get tons of alerts while work is being done in the yard. Otherwise, I want to have the area active to catch punks letting their dogs drop their gifts in my grass.

Please bring back the ability to make a motion zone “active” or “inactive”! Would put if over the top to be able to schedule motion alerts per motion zone, but know that would be too much hard work for all the different devices. But adding a flag for active/inactive should be programming 101!

It is a pain to have to delete and redraw the zones each time you deactivate/activate them.

I got around this by dragging the zone I wanted to temporarily deactivate so it was over one of the other zones. I would then drag it back to it’s correct position to reactivate it. Luckily, in my case, the zone to be deactivated was smaller than the others.

Like you I cannot see why the active/inactive flag was removed in the first place!


I agree. I had multiple zones too - for example if the flag was out or something and I would activate depending upon my needs. I would also like this capability restored.


Yes please bring this back! Also, it would really cool if we could set motion schedules for specific zones! I have like 15 cameras for my businesses and certain areas I want to be notified if there’s motion but only in certain zones, please give us this ability!

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I am having a problem with motion zones on my spotlight cam.

I have found some posts on the web explaining how to activate and deactivate motion zones, but when I attempt to do it I can’t find where on my IOS phone or Windows PC.

I am on a busy street and was getting a lot of false alarms so over the summer I adjusted the motion zones to eliminate them. Most are from passing cars and it took a while to get rid of them, I guess some cars have wider beam patterns than others. This “summer” zone covers most of my yard up to the tree line at the road and to the property lines on either side. Perfect, but it took a while to perfect it.

Now that winter is here I am getting a lot of false alarms due to headlights reflecting off the snow and ice in the yard. Although we are surrounded by trees the leaves are gone so the reflections are more frequent. I have created a second zone I would like to use in the winter that I think will eliminate the areas the reflections come from, but it is a lot smaller than the “summer” zone so I don’t want to use it year round.

Where is the option to activate or deactivate motion zones, or has it been removed? Can it be put back? The app seems to imply it is still there somewhere, stating there must be at least one active motion zone to get alerts, so am I missing something?

A more general question, what is the purpose of multiple zones if you can’t tell the device which one to use?

Thanks for any assistance with this.

I’m having the same issue with my Spotlight cam and my Ring Pro doorbell. I can create up to three zones, but I no longer have the option to activate or deactivate the zones. There used to be an option to place an X in a box next to the word, Active. This allows me to deactivate a zone instead of deleting it. Now the only option is to delete it and redraw it again.

The help center article, “Utilizing Motion Zones With Your Powered Ring Devices” specifically states that this is still an option, but it is now missing since the last Ring update.

Please return this option to the app. This appears to be a big issue.

I’ve called customer support and they tell me this option is available, but I sent them screen shot and it’s not! I was extremely frustrated when they removed this option! They e made things more complicated, not easier! It was a very useful feature to toggle the motion zone on and off when my vehicle was parked there or not. Please bring it back!!

I have similar problem, I have created zones 2 and 3 on my 2nd gen ring bell but only original default zone is active (I think). Cannot find a way to switch to one of my created ones.
Anybody any ideas please