Motion Warning - we need a choices of male/female voice and message choice

For the Motion Warning, we need a choice of Male/Female voices, and of the message. Right now the female voice and standard message sound too friendly. If someone is in my private backyard, I want a deep male voice in a stern tone telling them that they are being recorded, and to leave the area immediately.

I wouldn’t think that gender would matter but in my opinion a stern voice of any would be a great option! Awesome topic! thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like the option of the voice of the Daleks or Borg being used! Now that would scare people!

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haha :laughing: yes it would! love the idea! :thought_balloon::star_struck:

I would ask why we can’t use our own audio files? I would like to record my own “go away” message, or play an alarm sound.