Motion Warning - we need a choices of male/female voice and message choice

For the Motion Warning, we need a choice of Male/Female voices, and of the message. Right now the female voice and standard message sound too friendly. If someone is in my private backyard, I want a deep male voice in a stern tone telling them that they are being recorded, and to leave the area immediately.

I wouldn’t think that gender would matter but in my opinion a stern voice of any would be a great option! Awesome topic! thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

haha :laughing: yes it would! love the idea! :thought_balloon::star_struck:

I would ask why we can’t use our own audio files? I would like to record my own “go away” message, or play an alarm sound.

I too would like the ability to change the voice, although a stern male voice might also be taken to mean there is not a man in the house

I don’t know why they still don’t have the option to pick different sounds to warn about the camera. Just allow different sounds so people know of the camera but don’t feel uncomfortable walking by the house. I have seen so many requests for this lol. I don’t think they really care about improvements or customer feedback. BUT IT MIGHT COME IN THE 2030 YEARLY UPDATE !!!

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Allow changes to the Motion warning. To have other prerecorded Alerts. Or allow a custom prerecorded alert.

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I so agree! It almost sounds inviting!!

I’d like to be able to record my own message upon the doorbell sensing motion, i.e. “If you are delivering a package, please put it behind the post out of sight”. Just telling mostly innocent people they’re being recorded is not helpful.

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With Halloween and Christmas coming up, I really wish there were options to change what the motion warning says. At the moment it just says Hi, you are currently being recorded. It would be so awesome if you could change it at Halloween to a variety of spooky sayings or sound effects like a cat screaming, a wolf growling or howling, characters cackling, etc. The same would be awesome for Christmas. This is just a fun suggestion for Ring since there are currently options to change your Chime tune and smart responses. It would be so much fun if you could also change the motion warning message.