Motion warning on schedule

That is so sad that you have to apply this workaround to cut off power with the timer. I completely don’t understand why Ring is ignoring this feature, there are other post related to his on Feature Request Board. People asking the same from Ring to no available. They only focusing on rolling out to Ring Alarm Products.

I agree 100%, it is insane :man_facepalming:

knock knock RING. Just installed my PRO floodlight and am shocked I cannot schedule the motion warnings. BUMP for this!!

I’ve been reading the same request over 2 years about scheduling the motion alert. Can’t seem to find one reply from RING addressing the issue. I just bought 2 units only to find I can’t schedule the alert. Pretty poor customer service. I’m taking both units back for a refund and will not endorse or recommend the product.

I have just chatted with a customer support employee. She told me that the feature to schedule warnings is indeed present in the app. You can find it under motion settings → motion schedules. This addresses the main request within this thread I believe. I now have alerts enabled during the night and off during the day, whilst motion is still being recorded during the day. I have also asked if it was possible to have someone from Ring follow the forum posts. This she has taken as a tip and confirmed she will notify the internal team.

Would love to be able to schedule motion detection on and off. I live on a Main Street in a major city and I’d like to be able to have the camera record motion at night but not during the day when literally 1000s of people pass my door. My property was vandalized a few nights ago and due to the poorly implemented system ring used my recording was off as I do not want to destroy my battery and get 100s of alerts. This seems like such an easy fix let’s get it going here guys.

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I find it shocking after 2 years of loyal customer feedback that a simple scehdule, for turning on and off motion warnings is unacceptable in a company wanting to keep business in an ever competitive market will allow this non existenct feature, piss so many many customers off to th point of leaving ovet a very simple fix. Put the obnoxious warning sounds only on during scheduled hours seems like a no brainer for a capable competent company like Ring.

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