Motion warning on schedule

I had to turn this excellent feature off because I cant schedule it.

Come on Ring.

You can do better!

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this feature is utterly useless without scheduling option. why do tech folks think they know their users better?

Agreed with everything above. Schedule as well as being able to only warn people vs other things - We have guys checking cars in our neighborhood every couple months. I would use this specifically for them with no need to warn anyone else during the day they’re being recorded. Also would be nice to be able to trigger the lights to flash or some other alarm to go off if the person is detected for more than a few seconds. Lots that could be done here.

This would be amazing if we could schedule it!!!

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I have a suggestion. It would be nice if there was a setting to enable motion warning automatically while in away mode

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I assumed the motion sensors could be controlled centrally when I bought them. As it is, I am about to rip them off the walls and smash every one of them. I bought them to wake me up if someone breaks into my house while I’m sleeping, so I want audio alert to take place. However, I don’t want them to alert while I myself and up and walking around. As of right now, there seems to be NOTHING I can do without manually disabling the audio alerts on each one, one-by-one, then re-enabling them one-by-one any time I change between home/away/work/sleep. I find the need to do this excessive and bizarre, and I would not have purchased these if I had any inkling they needed to be micromanaged like this. Can I return them? I’m not exaggerating or joking when I say I’m close to smashing them after a few days of this.

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I, too, would like to set Motion Warning on a daily schedule, activating Motion Warning only during overnight hours.

Completely agree. I need this feature for 12 AM to 6 AM… would be an awesome deterrent