Motion warning on schedule

Motion warning would be much more useful to me if I could schedule it through the app to turn on only at night. I know I won’t remember to turn this on manually every night and off each morning. I don’t want to have the warning go off on my kids every day.

In the future, would it be possible to do scheduled Motion Warning alerts. That way the motion warnings can be schedule to let’s say during the night time only if it senses motion. If this like a business, during business hours it would not sound the voice but when it’s night time and off hours it would say the motion warning.

This should definitely be a standard setting


I fully agree with this requested feature. In fact, I came to this site to make this suggestion myself. I think it’s a great feature for the middle of the night when no one should be in your backyard or driveway. However, it’s annoying hearing that warning when I’m putting out the trash or getting in to or out of my car or doing something on my patio. All of these activities I do frequently during the day and evening.


How is this not already implemented. This feature is almost useless w/o supporting schedules.


Agreed. Sheer insanity to roll this out before it’s built into scheduling. So much ingenuity at Ring and yet such poor functionality. Should also be able to make schedules based on sunrise and sunset.

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I am just here to say “yes!” to all of this. I just saw this feature the other day, but it’s not useful unless it can be scheduled. Seems like it would be an easy addition.


100% agree. The ability to schedule motions warnings is a must. What a cool feature but I cannot use it because I only want the warnings to happen at night when I’m asleep. Wyze has the perfect setting that ring should duplicate. See attached. Just change out turning the alarm on for turning motions warnings on.

I have no idea why this would not have been included in the roll-out.

Has a scheduler been added yet? the motion warning alert goes off every time I take my dogs out during the day. I would prefer to only hear this alert at night during the times I’m sleeping in lieu of every time I take my dogs out.

Ring, has this been created? if not, do you have an ETA for the feature to be rolled out?

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This honestly isn’t a thing? I finally got around to turning this on and see no way to schedule it so it doesn’t yell at the daycare parents coming and going during the day to pickup or drop off at my wife’s daycare. But I want it to yell at people at night when I’m sleeping and don’t see a motion alert.

This feature is basically useless as my backyard cams would just yell at daycare kids all day and my own kids in the evening until sundown. My front yard cams would yell at neighbors walking all day. Why doesn’t it just support motion schedules?

And why don’t motion schedules have sunrise and sunset options yet? It’s so easy to add (I’m a dev) since you already have our location and yet it has been years with nothing. So annoying to change motion schedules throughout the year because sunset in January is 4:45pm and goes to almost 9pm in June. I want to set times after sunset or before sunrise. Like have motion alerts turn on an hour after sunset when it’s fully dark.


Yes please 1000%!! I want motion warning ON at night, and OFF during the day when I’m taking out the trash or the dogs are hanging out in the backyard.

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We live in a six-unit townhome building so there is a lot of traffic at our front and back gates.
Having this on during the day is super annoying.
Even the mailman said “Why tho?”
PLEASE let us schedule this!
And yes a volume control would be nice as we are very close to the building next to us.
And yes let us customize what the voice says!
Or at least give us a few choices.
Here’s a suggestion:
(That is my “nice” suggestion)

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Motion warning scheduling definitely needs to be implemented! I’m the person responsible for turning it off and on for the 13 cameras on my church property. The other night, I accidentally missed turning the motion warning on for the camera at the entrance to the church. Imagine my disgust at being treated to a display of oral ■■■ outside the door of the church when I saw the notification the next morning! This shouldn’t be hard to implement, and we shouldn’t have to wait so long for a response.

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Just want to add to the complaints…it almost seems like they had a deadline and couldnt get to the scheduling part fast enough. Also why not make the message customizable? You can do it for the greetings. Wouldn’t I want someone to know that they’re being monitor not just recorded since most of these criminals wear hoodies and masks anyway. I’ve had the car broken into many times with the ring camera sitting right above and signs saying surveillance. It makes no difference that it’s being recorded to these guys, you need a message saying you are being watched.

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I can’t believe scheduling wasn’t included … these warnings could be great but they’re useless to me if I have to turn them on and off every day!

I second that. Why is this taking so long???

With only 20 votes it’s not going to be noticed by Ring. Get a couple hundred votes and then they notice.

Would be really nice if the new motion warning came with some additional features:

(1) Option to narrow it down to type of motion, such as people only. I live close to a road and am unable to keep the function on my doorbell due to the fact that it picks up passing cars (especially at night) and ends up repeating “You are being recorded” all night long.

(2) Option for setting a schedule to turn the feature on and off. My floodlight, for instance, is on my garage further back and I only like it to be on during the night in hopes of startling off would-be creepers (most often, people breaking into vehicles) during the hours that they are most likely to be there. I’m not really about trying to creep out people going about their normal routines during the day (such as the mailman who cuts through my yard or my neighbor who may be out mowing the small strip of grass between our properties [we share mowing responsibilities for it]).

As much as it could be quite helpful, the feature - at least in its current format - really does have a bit of a creep factor when sounding off at inappropriate times.

Hello I like the new motion warning feature. But prefer to have the option to schedule it a certain times. Can you please make that an option?